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February 5, 2021

Credit Card Debt Relief Grants: Help Pay Credit Card Bills

February 05, 2021 0
Free grants online to pay off credit card debt for low income individuals and families-money grants to help pay credit card bills

Yes, it is true; there are many funding sources that can help you from your credit card debts and assist in paying them off. With the fall in economy many low or moderate income people find it tough to meet their financial need and often run out of money to pay for their necessities-that is when they start accumulating debts on their credit cards.

Free Grants To Pay Credit Card Bills

Technically speaking there are no government grants that can clear off your credit card debts but yes there are grants that help indirectly. Moreover, agencies, recognized organizations, banks, debt management companies, nonprofits, credit card companies and others also offer assistance programs and funding that help you with your debts.

Assistance to Look for When You Have Credit Card Debts

If you are looking for resources and grants for credit card debts then you may turn to varied options like local government resources, community action agencies, organizations and charities. You may also apply for government grants online to accomplish your other daily necessities and hence save money to pay your credit card bills.

Government Grants

There are very few governmental grants that can assist you in clearing credit card debts. If you are in real dearth of money you can apply for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families that offer cash assistance to low income families with dependent children to overcome their financial shortages. Each state has different eligibility criteria and the amount awarded also varies. The cash grant can help in mitigating your debts.

Assistance from Debt Management and Credit Card Companies

Debt management companies have formulated varied programs and resources that can help monetarily crunched consumers plan, organize and clear their debts.

Debt Management Plans: credit card companies, credit counseling agencies, banks and even nonprofits offer DMP. Professional creditors on behalf of the consumers help in reducing the debts, lower the interest rates and also waive off fees. It helps in reducing the monthly debt payments, avoid any over limit fees or late fees, combine all your debts in a single payment and save you from harassment of the money collectors.

Forbearance Programs: consumers struggling to pay their credit card bills can avail the forbearance program that relieves them of paying their monthly payments for a short period that may range from weeks, months to years as decided upon. During this time period the interest rates will be low and will provide them the opportunity to arrange for money. Different banks have different forbearance programs; do your research before applying.

Debt Restructuring: companies and creditors help to restructure the debts and plan the payments as per the comfort of the consumers. An agreement is done where the payment is structured, the interest rates are lowered, certain charges are waived, certain settlements done and specialized plans and assistance offered. This reduces the hassles and worries of paying the credit card debts.

Start visiting your credit counseling agencies and talk to them about your hardships. Try to negotiate with them and come to a settlement. Reduce your credit card usage and start looking for every possible option that can relieve of your debts and accumulated bills on your credit card.

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  2. Free Debt Relief Grants For Individuals
  3. Free Grants For Single Moms To Pay Utility Bills
  4. $2,000 Free Money To Pay Personal Debts and Bills
  5. $5000 Free Debt Relief Grants For Low Income Single Mothers
  6. Free Debt Relief Grants Assistance For Housing Bills
  7. Medical Debt Relief Grants For Single Moms
  8. Pay Bills With Free Grants For Low Income Senior Citizens

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January 18, 2021

Debt Relief Grants For Single Moms Online For All Expenses

January 18, 2021 0
Get Monetary Assistance From Free Federal Debt Relief Grants Online For Low Income Single Mothers For Debt Free Life

Low income earnings are a big impediment for single mothers who are the sole bread earners of the family. Meeting the necessities of daily life with limited funds often leads to a financial shortage and heavy debts. Payment dues and debts result in discontinuation of required services and restrict families from maintaining a minimal standard of living.

Good news! federal debt relief grants for single mothers are available now that offer debt redemption and financial aid. Read and apply today for the single mother debt relief grants.

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Free Debt Relief Grants For Daycare Assistance

Daycares are an indispensable need for single mothers with kids. Single moms spend long hours at work or college and meanwhile, the daycare centers take care of the kids. However, the services can be quite expensive for low income earning mothers, causing debts or overdue bills. Debt relief grants for daycare are disbursed by the Federal Government that financially helps in compensating the debts. grants for single mothers include:
  • Head Start
  • Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG)
  • State Assistance Programs
  • Preschool Programs
Child Care Development Fund

Debt Relief for Everyday Expenses

There are innumerable everyday needs and expenses that consume a major chunk of the income. These can be water bills, utility bills, heating bills, telephone bills or cable TV bills that are high-priced. Single mothers with meager income and savings need to struggle hard to compensate for the bills and clear the debts that accumulate over time. debt assistance grants offer free money that relieves single mothers from overdue bills and debts. Grants disbursed for everyday expenses are:
  • For Utility Bills: LIHEAP, WAP, HEAP, Assistance from Non-profit Organizations
  • Water Bills: H2O Help to Others Program and The Low Income Payment Program (LIPP)
  • Telephone Bills: Life-line, link-up
  • TANF funds for other expenses

Debt Relief for Housing Bills

Safe and permanent housing is essential for a family but for single mothers, it is quite unfeasible to purchase or rent a decent house within limited earnings. The house rents, mortgages or loans can be exorbitantly high for single mothers to afford to lead to debts, evictions, and homelessness. grants for single mothers offer financial assistance to clear off pending housing bills and secure shelter for the family. The housing grants for single moms to avail are:

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  • S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
  • USDA Rural Development Rental Assistance
  • State Homeless Grants
  • Community Development Block Grant Program
  • Public Housing Program

Free Grants Money Online For Home Repairing

Single moms need to repair, remodel or modify their homes for easy accessibility and safe living for the family but home repairing can be too expensive causing debts and shortage of funds. single mother debt relief grants are sanctioned to compensate for home repairing costs. Free money is granted that help in home modification work and clearing of debts. The grants to avail are:
  • Displacement Prevention Partnership
  • Rebuilding Together
  • Urgent Repair Program
  • United States Department of Agriculture
  • HUD
Apply today for the debt relief grant for single mothers and get federal monetary aid to clear your debts. Have a debt free life!

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January 2, 2021

Free Grants For Utility Bills: How To Apply For Grants Online

January 02, 2021 0

Over 12 million people in the United States are facing the challenges of unemployment which includes students, single mothers, disabled and veterans. But the daily demands of life remain ever escalating and hence, it often becomes a struggling matter for these low or no income group to cope. The Federal Government of United States, however, understands the scenario and it has introduced a series of financial aids in the form of grants.

Free Grants To Pay Utility Bills Online

Paying bills on a regular basis is one such domain where these economically backward people need a consistent support. To meet these liabilities on time and to avoid untimely barring of services, US Government disburses these grants through various nonprofits, recognizes organizations, local and state authorities and other community action agencies. The eligible citizens can always apply for free money for bills and continue with their regular lives.

There are multiple programs and free grants to pay bills have been initiated. If you are looking for such aid, then visit the official website and know more about these grants. But let us discuss some of the important programs which have become popular.

Free Grants Help to Pay Telephone Bills

Telephone is of utmost necessity in today's life and without it the mode of communication seems to be a difficult task. The low income groups are often hindered with limited funds to pay the bill on time. To avoid disconnection, the Federal Communications Commission's Universal Service Funds has introduced a benefit program, called Lifeline.

This program helps you in getting landlines and wireless at a discounted rates and is meant for people with a certain income level. Besides, there are local telephone companies who often come up with various discount plans, offers or vouchers which help in reducing the telephone bills at the end of the month.

If you still think that having a telephone would be expensive for you, then you can opt for cell phone to contact 911 in case of any emergency. For getting cell phone at a much cheaper rate, contact your state social service agency. They will help you to find emergency cell phone donation program.

Free Grants to Pay Home Energy Bills

Home Energy or Utility Bills are indeed an area of major concern for the financially crunch families, individuals or unemployed. If you need help to pay off your home energy costs, take help from Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). This program helps in keeping the families safe through initiatives that lower their energy bills and gives them a secured place to survive. This is a federally funded assistance program that helps in managing costs pertaining to:
  • Home energy bills
  • Energy crises
  • Weatherization and energy-related minor home repairs
If you want to apply for LIHEAP, contact your local agency. For more help on LIHEAP, contact National Energy Assistance Referral (NEAR).

Pay Medical Bills With Free Grants Online

Medical expense is a major concern when it comes to the question of health of children, disabled and senior citizens. Due to limited funds, dearth of savings, no medical insurance and unemployment, it is often a glaring hindrance for the mass. If you cannot afford medical care or prescription drugs, there are series of state and federal programs that will help you to sail through:
  • helps you with medical insurance, compare care, extensive lessons on prevention and understanding the Affordable Care Act
  • State Human/ Social Service Agency: offers direct medical support and referrals to other organizations
  • State Medicaid: offers help with the medi-claim and insurance to the low and very low income families and individuals
  • Local Department of Veterans Affairs: takes care of the health and medicinal need of the senior citizens
  • State Children Health Insurance Program (SCHIP): help in getting insurance for the children of working families who cannot afford health insurance or do not get it through their work
  • Local Social Security Administration (SSA): helps those who are on Social Security and Medicare
  • this is mainly intended for the people with some kind of physical disability and cannot afford their own medical expenses. This provides comprehensive information and resources for the disabled
  • Charity Care Programs: helps uninsured patients who fail to qualify government aid program. Local hospitals can help you find such recognized and affiliated charitable trust who are there to extend you the right help
  • Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA): one is guaranteed to have an access to emergency medical situation and evaluation.
Besides, there is Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) which is a federal program that disburses money to state authorities to provide short-term financial and supportive assistance to low income families with children under 18 years old. Recipients may qualify for help with food, housing, home energy, child care, job training, and more.

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August 10, 2020

Grants For Single Moms To Pay Utility Bills-Apply Now

August 10, 2020 0

Single mothers have several options to seek assistance for paying their utility bills when they are running out of funds. With low income level and moderate savings it is quite tough to meet with the expenses of heating, cooling and other energy costs. Non-payment of bills on time can lead to disconnection of services, hence financial assistance is a necessity to help meet the expenditure.

There are three different sources of grants assistance for single moms to pay utility bills. utility companies, community organizations and state or federal government. Utility companies offer varied benefit programs and monetary aid that help in compensating for the utility expenses. Read about free grants for utility bills and start applying today.

Single Mother To Pay Utility Bills

List of Assistance Programs  from Utility Companies for Single Moms

Utility companies can be the best option to seek quick assistance to pay your pending bills. The companies have varied programs and benefit proposals that help monetarily deprived single mothers. That to avail financial assistance or get subsidized rates for the services.

Restructuring of Payment Plans

For low income single mothers, the utility companies offer help with restructuring the payment program. This provision makes it more flexible to plan for different methods of paying the energy bills. Consult your utility company for the service.

Water Bill Programs

Single mothers can get help from American Water. This is the largest US water utility company to pay water bills. It offers two programs-H2O Help to Others and Low Income Payment Program. The former program awards $500 grant money to help mothers pay for utility expenses. And the later offers up to 20% discount on the water bill and also awards cash to eligible applicants.

Free Energy Audit

Single mothers can apply with the utility companies for energy audit of their houses for reduction of utility bills. Utility companies send their service agent, who makes a thorough check of the energy consumption of the house, and also the equipment used. They offer professional advice and proposals for the required up-gradation or replacement work that will significantly help in reducing energy costs. It is like the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) of the federal government. Moreover, utility companies also offer financial assistance.

Special Winter Protection Plans

many utility companies have special programs. That to avoid disconnection of heating services in the winter seasons even if the payment is due. Such services are offered in case there are elders, sick people or kids at home. This service is only available in some states and counties.

Government Programs for Utility Companies

The government offers energy grant programs to utility companies. Single mothers can avail these grants. The federal program offers monetary help, reduced home energy rates, assistance with payment of bills. It also helps for home up-gradation services for low income families.

If you are stuck up with your bill payment then call up your utility company to relate them about your crisis situation and to inquire about any sort of assistance program that they might have. Moreover, single mothers can also apply for free grants to pay utility bills. Start applying today and get the best help program.

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August 9, 2020

Free Grants To Pay Bills Online-Apply For Free Money

August 09, 2020 0
Free grants money to pay bills online-apply for grants for low income families to pay bills and debts

The financial grant from the federal government is like a boon to low income families or individuals or veterans. These are free grants for the underprivileged and have meager income levels. These grants help in dealing with the bills that are meant for everyday life and are constant liabilities.

Billions of dollars are disbursed every year by the government to states, counties, organizations, nonprofits, and recognized agencies to help needy people avail their basic necessities, pay off their bills or dues and lead a better standard of living. It is time to get your free money now. With free grants to pay your bills, life is about to become easier.

Free Grants To Help Pay Bills

Free Personal Grants to Pay Bills

Personal grants are given to the low income group who are in dire need of financial assistance to offer support during any kind o emergency or crisis time. This free money helps in paying off the housing utility bills, childcare, conveyance costs, medical bills, and telephone bills. The government disburses $50,000 as a personal grant.

Housing and Rental Bill Grants

Financial grants are given out as a compensation of the housing bills of to the financially crunched families. The low-income families often struggle to pay their rents, mortgage, and loans leading to eviction or foreclosure. In order to prevent their evictions grants are offered from HUD, Housing Choice Voucher Program, USDA, Subsidized Housing, Public Housing program, Nonprofit organizations like United Way, Legal Aid Society, The Salvation Army, American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, Mercy Housing, Catholic Charities, etc that compensate the rental bills. The eligibility criteria differ from family to family on the basis of the income, need and individuals in the family.

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Free Grants To Pay Utility Bills

Utility bills are constant liabilities and low-income families often fall short of money to meet these resulting in disconnection of services. Grants are awarded in order to pay utility bills, weatherization, and up-gradation for energy efficiency. States, government, nonprofits, and local communities financially support stand beside these needy families and individuals with reputed grants like The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Grant, LIHEAP Crisis Program, The Weatherization Assistance Program and The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP). The utility companies are also introducing various restructuring programs or payment plans or benefit plans to help in the timely payment of bills. This is one of the essential free grants to pay your bills on time.

Grants for Food

The US government, nonprofits, churches, and all states administer food and nutritional assistance programs. Financially challenged citizens often find it difficult to manage funds for food and other resources of life. This poses a serious nutritional risk in the country. There are grants like SNAP, Emergency Food Assistance Program, Special Milk Program, Food Distribution Program, Child and Adult Care Food Program, etc. There are food banks that offer free food to these needy citizens of the country.

Health Care Grants for Medical Bills

Medical expenses are escalating day by day. There are funds and other important assistance programs are available to compensate for the medical expenses of the low income families and individuals, especially the veterans and children. Often free money is given to pay bills and free checkup provisions. There are grants like Kids care, Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Medicaid, Medicare, Healthy Families Program, and Health Plan for uninsured children and others are provided by the government and other organizations.

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Besides these, there are other free grants to pay your bills like-educational grants, daycare grants, car grants, emergency grants, home repair grants, transportation grants and countless other. It is time to apply for free grants money online and get the best benefit to a better life.

Check out some Popular grants online you can apply for-
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  2. Free Debt Relief Grants For Low Income Families
  3. Free Debt Relief Grants For Individuals
  4. Free Grants For Single Moms To Pay Utility Bills
  5. $2,000 Free Money To Pay Personal Debts and Bills
  6. Pay Utility Bills With Free Grants For Low Income
  7. Free Grants For Low Income Senior Citizens Help Paying Bills
  8. Free Grants For Veterans To Help Pay Medical Bills
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August 1, 2020

Personal Debt Relief Grants:Clear Bills and Debts

August 01, 2020 0
Free personal debt relief grants to help clear debts-money assistance for bills and personal use

Low income families with meager savings often find it tough to suffice with the limited money and make both ends meet. Single mothers, Veterans, disabled individuals, senior citizens, economically restricted families, jobless or part timers all may fall in the below income level bracket and possibly face difficulty to pay for their day to day expenses. This may slowly amount to huge debts that become impossible to clear.

The government hence offers free personal debt relief grants and benefit programs that can be used for personal needs. These grants offer the required funds that help clearing debts. Start applying and get rid of debts.

Things to Consider

You must know that there are no such ‘personal grants to pay off debts’ given by the government but there are several grants that help fulfill daily personal needs such as housing, rental bills, home repair assistance, mortgage payments, clothing, food, college fees, medical needs, utility bills, child care needs, living expenses, consumer debts, public transportation, and others. The grants are first allocated to states, nonprofits and local agencies which are later awarded to eligible applicants.

grants for personal debt relief

Personal grants for debt relief can also be availed from varied other sources like state, counties, local communities, recognized agencies, nonprofits, charities and religious foundations.

Government Grants For Debt Clearance

The US federal government offers free grants to low income families and monetarily crunched individuals to accomplish almost all personal necessities of daily life like housing rent, education, food, shelter, transport, medical bills etc. If you have shortage of funds and need cash grants then you may apply for Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) to pay off your due bills and clear debts.

The grants are allocated to state departments hence applicants need to apply with their individual state or county agencies for grant assistance to pay off debts. Grant amount up to $50,000 are awarded to eligible applicants. Start applying now.

Assistance from Non-profits For Debt Clearance

There are numerous government recognized nonprofits across the nation that also disburses personal grants to needy families and individuals, enabling them to pay their debts. Applicants need to analyze and specify their needs and match their eligibility criteria as stated by the organizations. If you are in huge debts ask for help with debt management, debt planning, and clearance of dues through cash assistance from nonprofits like Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, American National Red Cross, United Way, CARE, Make-A-Wish, Jewish Federation of North America, Community Action Organizations, Net Wish and others.

Often local communities and religious organizations also extend personal grant support to deserving applicants, facilitating in compensating for their debts like mortgage payment, house rent, college fees, day care bills, medical bills, utility bills and so on.

In addition to these, renowned organizations, companies and private foundations have funds kept aside for economically depressed people to cover up their budgetary deficit and clear their debts, helping them to stand back on their feet. First evaluate your debts to be paid and then analyze the varied resources and options for seeking personal grants. Start applying now.

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  8. Federal agencies to apply free grants online
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